Marble Hill, Twickenham

Client: English Heritage

Marble Hill in Twickenham has a fascinating history, beginning with its construction in the 1740s for one of the most prominent women of the 18th century: Henrietta Howard. The original Palladian mansion on the river became a template for countless others, but more recently a great many features were lost along with the contents. Alongside this, the historic landscape has been subsumed within a much-used public park and covered with modern sports facilities.

The site is now managed by English Heritage, and our role was pull together all the research that has been done on the buildings and landscape in order to plan for the reinvigoration of the site. This will include upgrading the sports facilities and visitor offer, alongside enhancements to the presentation of the historic interiors and improvements to access. Our Conservation Management Plan is being developed in close consultation with the various stakeholders to help ensure that English Heritage can optimise their substantial future investment in the site. We are also producing a Gazetteer to provide comprehensive information on every feature on the site, to aid with day-to-day management.

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